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Why should anyone want to know anything about the human mind? And, for that matter, why should anyone believe that knowledge of the human mind is either unobtainable or undesirable?

Why should men ostensibly seeking answers to the mind stray so far from it as to examine rats and entirely avoid looking at human beings? And why should anyone pretending to treat the mind stray so far afield as electric shock?

Why human beings can be easily victimized?

The answers are relatively simple. Anyone who knows the structure, function, and dynamics of the human mind is very difficult to control. The only way a mind can be controlled is by enforcing upon it ignorance of itself.

As far as study and treatment is concerned, a mind which has been made ignorant of itself would have to have restored to it awareness of its fundamentals before it could be considered to be recovered.

And when one restores full awareness to a mind one is no longer able to victimize it. And a profession or a society would have to move out of slave orientation into action by freedom and consent, were it to be effective.

Just as you do not want people to control you, so you should want knowledge of yourself and others. Just as you fight away from knowingness concerning self, so you will be controlled.

What is needed to have a free society?

A simple and conclusive science of mind is a vital necessity in any society which desires to become free and remain free. The only elements in a society which would combat, or contest, or dispute an effort to attain such a science would be those interests which desired, by ignorance, to maintain their control of a slavery.

Each and every impulse of freedom is an impulse towards sanity, towards health, towards happiness.

Every impulse towards slavery is an impulse in the direction of misery, disease and death. One can say alike of the arthritic and the neurotic that the basic cause of disturbance, physical or mental, germinated in efforts to reduce the freedom of the individual, the group, or Mankind.

The one impulse in Man which cannot be erased

Dianetics is an effort towards the attainment by Man of a level of freedom where decency and happiness can prevail, and where knowledge of the mind itself would prevent the unscrupulous use of the mechanisms of slavery.

Dianetics can be contested, it can be vilified, its founder and practitioners can be publicly pilloried, but Dianetics cannot be ignored.

It could neither be drowned in praise, nor burned in some purge to its total eradication, for it is a wonderfully observable fact that the one impulse in Man which cannot be erased is his impulse towards freedom, his impulse towards sanity, towards higher levels of attainment in all of his endeavors.

This is Man’s one saving grace, and because Dianetics is such an impulse, and because its basic purpose, from the moment of its conception, have been dedicated unswervably to the attainment of even greater freedom it cannot perish – a fact which will become doubtlessly more annoying to the slave-masters as the years roll on.

An understanding of Man

There is much argument upon which we could adventure concerning whether Dianetics is an art or a science, whether it is a humanity or a hoax, but all this would avail us very little for we would only be quibbling with words.

Dianetics is what it is, and the totality of it can best be summed by the description, ‘an understanding of Man’.

We do not care whether or not it is a science. We do not care whether or not it is more properly catalogued under Adventure or Mystery. We do care whether or not it is promulgated and known, for everywhere it walks slavery ceases.

What would be a free man?

That mind which understands itself is the mind of a free man.

It is no longer prone to obsessive behavior, unthinking compliances, covert innuendoes. It is at home in an environment, not a stranger.

It is the solver of problems and the maker of games. A mind that is enslaved is weak.

A mind that is free is powerful, and all the power there is, is defined by and contained in freedom.

Why should you know something about your mind? A question of a similar magnitude would be: “Why should you live?”

Dianetics is a mission to make this world a better place.
Become a Dianetician and create a better world.
– L. Ron Hubbard

Professional Dianetics Auditor Course
  • Before you start the Dianetics Auditor Course, you must complete the Communication Course and the Basic Study Course. The basics taught in these courses are essential for Dianetics Auditing.
  • With the Dianetics Auditor Course you will gain a complete understanding of the mind with all its different aspects.
  • Your life will be simplified.
  • You will learn to use Dianetics competently.
  • You will apply Dianetics to a preclear and see how the preclear improves before your eyes.
  • You will learn how to help someone who has difficulties with his reactive mind.
  • You learn how to talk to someone who feels bad.
  • You will learn how to use an E-Meter.
  • You can start a career as an auditor.

Length of Course, Theory
– Full-time: 1 month
– Part-time: 2 months

Success with Dianetics

  • Dianetics is a fabulous tool, accessible to all, to work miracles around you. In fact, it is a weapon of mass destruction against the reactive mind. What L. Ron Hubbard did was titanic. You will see that words are ridiculous to express a life of exploration of the human mind.

    – M.

  • I have a thirst to learn and to learn more. By having more understanding on certain subjects, my affinity multiplies as if my space were also expanding. Knowledge opens the door to knowledge and what could be more beautiful than to know in order to destroy all the traps in which we are all trapped.

    – M.

  • Dianetics is a bomb, a weapon of mass destruction against human aberrations. You really had to love mankind to spend all this time to find ways to make him happy and healthy. It is an honor and it is wonderful to wear L. Ron Hubbard’s hat, to bring people to smile, hope and be happy!

    – M.

  • I feel that the Dianetics book should be a vital part of every person’s personal library and its reading is a definite first step in the achievement of sanity, health and self-respect.

    – P.

  • I wanted to use Dianetics Technology to change my life – to REALLY change it – within a year’s time. It only took a week. I set a new mark, and another one, and so on – with complete success. How good can you get? Try it and see!

    – R.

  • After just one session of Dianetics, I was able to understand my relationship with my father and to cope with the loss and help my family cope. It answered questions I always had about life and death and who I was.

    – M.

  • Dianetics Technology helped me get my career under control and gain confidence.

    – C.

  • Dianetics auditing was a fabulous step for me which I had been waiting for a very long time.The being I am has recovered a stable awareness of being himself, separate from his body and no longer a bit mixed up with it. I have recovered the awareness of my motivations and my goals.

    – L.

  • It is an amazing experience to go through Dianetics. I could hardly believe that I had a very long life that was displayed in front of my eyes. My whole spiritual existence is like a necklace in which my present life is only one of the beads. I feel more confident and happier than before.

    – P.

  • I feel so much better after having run the last incident. The fears that I have always had, sadness and mystery, as well as somatics disappeared. Now in the present, I feel very “light” and full of serenity.

    – D.