In my life I have studied and got to know many philosophies, mental practices and coaching methods. When I came across Ron’s technology, I immediately realized: “This technology is unique!” Here I found a technology that allows us to free every person from the prison of the confused mind and the accumulation of ballast of old experiences and negative emotions that one has accumulated in his life and turn him or her into a happy and free person.

A technology that can help any person who sincerely desires it to walk this path towards an incredible freedom and happiness that I never thought to be possible.

I myself was lucky enough to experience how happy and free this technology made me. It is indescribable. I am really free and I know that within me lives a radiant source of happiness and joy, which cannot dry up.

Since I would like everyone to realize that they can become a source of happiness and contentment for their own lives, I decided to work in the Ron’s Org.

In my previous jobs as an actor and managing director of a personnel consultancy I often asked myself, “What is the purpose of my work besides earning money? What do I improve with my work in the world?”

Now I have found a profession that really fulfills me, because I can see every day how people improve and make their own lives happier and become more self-determined.

I am also lucky that we are such a good team, which complements and appreciates each other and in which every team member can be himself. Together we are strong.

Dirk is now a Course Supervisor and Auditor for all levels, Auditor Class XII. He has completed the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. He delivers auditing in German, English and French.

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