The “Basics of Life” Course

By L. Ron Hubbard

What is Life?

When we say “life” we mean understanding, and when we say “understanding” we mean affinity, reality and communication. To understand all would be to live at the highest level of potential action and ability. Because life is understanding, it attempts to understand. When it faces the incomprehensible it feels balked and baffled.

Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.

It is impossible to reduce an ability!

It is impossible to reduce an ability. About the only thing you can do is reduce its exercise or the willingness to exercise it! The only time anyone has ever gotten into serious trouble was when he decided he could do nothing about something.

“The only time anyone has ever gotten into serious trouble was when he decided he could do nothing about something.”
L. Ron Hubbard

Competence is not a question of one being being more clever than another. It is one being being more able to do what he is doing than another is.

When a person is competent, nothing can shake his pride. The world can yell. But it doesn’t shake him. The first step of handling anything is gaining an ability to face it. It can easily be done with “The Basics of Life Course”.

This course will train you to become competent in life because you will understand it. You will experience changes in your daily life, and you will be able to help yourself and others.

Life Can Be So Simple!

Self-confidence alone is security. Your ability is your security.

There is no security but you.

The “Basics of Life” Course
  • How to correctly study and what are the mechanics of learning any subject.
  • How to be able to intend and control things in your life.
  • How to become more efficient, how to handle confusions in life and how to prevent exhaustion.
  • How to increase understanding in all areas.
  • You will learn the basic data on what Man and this universe consist of, and what exactly is a person’s mind.
  • How to gain better control over your body, a better communication with your environment, an improved memory and it will teach you how to do this so that you can help others achieve the same.
  • How to choose the people you surround yourself with or how to help them become happier for the comfort of all.
  • You will be audited and you will really become an Auditor!

Length of course:
Full-time: 3 weeks
Part-Time: 2 months.

Practical part:

Winning on the "Basics of Life" Course

  • This course brought a lot of knowledge to me and beside this, the auditing was really ideal. What made me the happiest was the gained experience as an auditor which is really being able to help the other person. Very rewarding!

    – H.

  • Today for the first time, I have observed that I only “occupy” this body. It was a great feeling. And I feel much better than yesterday and even ever before!

    – U.

  • The Basics of Life course is simply wonderful. It opens up to the real application of Scientology and encompasses various areas of life, allowing to understand and handle what is going on. I also got the pleasure of receiving auditing. Physical changes, viewpoints and states of beingness happened to me.

    – L.

  • I just finished my Basics of Life Course and feel overwhelmed by a huge happiness. I had a great fun studying and I now have powerful tools that will help me in life and that will help me improve a lot of things. I have experienced enormous wins through the auditing.

    – L.