What is Auditing – What is an Auditor?

By L. Ron Hubbard

auditor und pc


Auditing is the application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained Auditor.

Scientology processing amongst other things can improve the intelligence quotient of an individual, his ability or desire to communicate, his social attitudes, his capability and domestic harmony, his fertility, his artistic creativity, his reaction time and his health.

Auditing gets rid of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt a person’s natural intelligence and abilities – as well as gradiently increasing the abilities a person has so that he becomes more able and his survival, happiness, intelligence, desire to communicate, social attitudes, capability and domestic harmony, fertility, artistic creativity, reaction time and health increase enormously.

The progress of tendencies, neuroses, habits and deteriorating activities can be halted by auditing, or their occurrence can be prevented.

Auditing means to listen and also to compute. It consists of establishing where the person departs from optimum rationality in his conduct of life but, more importantly, where physically painful and painful emotion engrams exist and how they can be approached and reduced.


An Auditor is one who listens carefully to what people have to say and who is trained and qualified in applying Scientology processes to others for their betterment.

To be an Auditor you have to be willing to guide a person’s attention to an area in life that is bothering him by asking an exact auditing question, and then be willing to listen attentively to the person’s answer and then be willing to accept that answer and acknowledge him for that answer.

While doing this, you must be willing to follow a code or set of rules (rights and wrongs) that an auditor follows when auditing someone. This will ensure that the person will get the most out of the processing he receives, and that nothing can happen that will make the preclear worse.

Success in auditing

  • When I see how I was when I arrived at the Ron’s Org and as I feel today, I compare 2 different beings. Now, I am healthy, feel really upright, powerful and joyful. Things that are important to me are getting implemented. The amazing thing is, it seems that I control my life.

    – T.

  • That automatic action I used to do has disappeared to a great extent. I now control thoughts and actions. Great technology!

    – G.

  • Many things in my life changed during the auditing. And I am very glad about it! In general, auditing opened me much more for communication and brought me more understanding. I am much more in Communication with my environment and the universe. Life appears to be much easier and I love things that are easy.

    – S.

  • You were all wonderful with your help. It would be difficult to list all my wins in this journey. I think “released from problems” speaks for itself. I couldn’t express it better. Of course, it’s just a little phrase. “Released from problems!”  Man, this is a huge achievement!

    – L.

  • What I love with Scientology is that it works. It really is a SCIENCE of the mind. L. Ron Hubbard created procedures which all have a “final phenomenon”. Well, what Ron said will happen, will surely happen at the end! And it’s valid for everyone! It’s just amazing. It seems magical, but no, it’s scientific!

    – G.

  • What relief during those auditing hours! I did not think that I will feel one day such a well-being, such releases. I think it’s really the first time in my life where I am truly happy and well in my boots.

    – P.

  • Every auditing level is a new adventure bringing us further in the spiritual world and closer to what we really are! I have experienced wins I had never thought or dreamt of and my life became an ongoing daily win. Now, I can’t not even imagine being otherwise. Thank you to the whole team!

    – H.

  • My inner “censor” has died on the auditing! And I got freed of the self-criticism I suffered for a long time. I feel myself being again harmonical and right.

    – E.

  • What relief during those auditing hours! I did not think that one day, I would feel such a well-being, such releases. I think it’s really the first time in my life I am truly happy and well in my boots. And that’s just the start!

    – P.

  • It was hilarious to dig out some real misunderstandings thanks to the auditing. Words, I was absolutely sure to know the meaning of. As we cleared them I had to laugh about my error. It was a release to see that the correct definition made much more sense. I can study any subject with fun.

    – D.

  • I consider death as a simple, natural change to a different level. The spirit leaves the body, like a cocoon turning into a butterfly. I feel deeply moved with these conclusions. I am not attached to my past anymore. I love my present and I wish to build a future full of accomplishments.

    – P.

  • I was unable to be aware of my eternal essence as a spiritual being. Bearing this in mind henceforth I recognize myself as the Cause of my own circumstances not being the effect of them anymore. I believe in me and I trust my feelings and perceptions.

    – P.