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Mazzinistrasse 7 – Ground floor – 2540 Grenchen
Events Date Time Details
Training NextGen Week (Youth) 29. July to 5. August 2023 Full-time More …
International Training Camp (Turkey) 14. to 27. October 2023 Full-time More…

Testimonials about the Ron's Org

  • I had right now the most spiritual 14 days of my life in the Ron’s Org! I don’t know any other place more wonderful on this planet! Heaven! Constant Affinity, Reality and Communication, fun, help, friendship, no disturbance at all, no upset, no evaluation nor invalidation, total respect of my self-determinism.

    – C.

  • For me it was the first contact with this new group representing L. Ron Hubbard, and I’m delighted, pleasantly surprised. It is so simple, efficient and light. As the days went by I got answers to my questions. I removed a lot of mass and complexity. I discovered a new family! Thank you!

    – J.

  • I would like to thank you for keeping a sane Bridge for us to walk. I have seen my husband doing so well, and am delighted with our progress. We came into Scientology in the late 50’s. I see my progress is great.

    – M.

  • I understood that home is not just a place, but is like a family of Beings. I felt really secure here with you. I would like to tell you in 1 million ways how much I thank you! I know I’m a different person, I’m more me, I feel stronger. So… thank you!

    – D.

  • I think I am experiencing the artistic combination of the best friends ever. My wins from my auditing which I loved, combined with your data and the reality you give us, combined with a beautiful team. I love you all.

    – E.

  • I cannot think of a more sincere, helpful, encouraging group as Ron’s Org. It truly feels like the 70’s – fun, spiritual, lots of expansion and growing as a being. We thank our lucky stars daily for pulling in this organization and being able to go up the Bridge in this environment.

    – T.

  • In 2009, the one technology I was trying to absorb and immerse myself in, since 1969, had been cut off from me. The Ron’s Org changed that. I would like to thank Max and Erica, who were smart enough to spot, so many years ago, the enormous threat to our Technology, and to take action.

    – T.

  • This is Scientology! Simple, fun, practical, workable. This is so truthfully called: Ron’s Org. That is exactly what it is!!!

    – A.

  • “Ron’s Org has been called the oasis in the desert”. This, in relation to the other Scientology debris around the globe. This, by Marvin Green, Washington D.C. Area, who traveled and made a study of the Freezone several years ago. He used statistics and visible vitality for Ron’s Org.

    – J.

  • It’s a big pleasure coming to see you because there is no judgment but only learning and understanding. I am super satisfied and so happy to see all these changes in me. I do not feel guilty for unimportant things anymore. I know how to overcome certain situations and stop wasting energy for nothing.

    – S.

  • The Ron’s Org accepts us with respect and love. We get help to become individuals worthy to be with. We get fully equipped for the future, with knowledge and training to recognize and avoid factors which can cause decline and failures for us or others. I am very happy to have joined a Ron’s Org!

    – Y.

  • I want to thank you for all this work done; it is this work that guarantees us to have the standard Tech and applied in a loyal and honest way. The Ron’s Orgs are vital. Thank you to this wonderful and very competent team that allow us to move forward every day.

    – L.